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A large New York-based technology firm relies on their Product Management department to answer customer questions regarding their financial software. Given the complexity of their software product, we recognized that our client had been experiencing a strain on employee resources because of the amount of time spent training and retraining customers on how to use the software.

The firm turned to The Madison Consulting Group, which had provided professional development training to the company in the past, to solve this problem. Madison worked with the firm to identify the core customer questions, which guided the creation of a new customer-training program. Working intensively with the firm’s Product managers, technology professionals, and management over an eight-week period, Madison overhauled and redesigned their training including ten programs for the firm’s customers.

As a result of the redesigned training modules, the firm significantly streamlined and improved their customer training experience, lessening the need for retraining customers and ultimately saving our client – and their client – valuable time and resources.