The path from individual contributor to manager to leader is a journey – and few career transitions are more challenging than making a move from manager to leader.

Madison has developed a Leadership and Management Learning Path designed to help employees successfully make the shift. Our fully customizable programs provide the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in each role.

Building open lines of communication that foster employee growth, satisfaction, and retention

Understanding and enhancing their leadership style and approach to leading, creating an environment of trust and workplace excellence

Getting the right people in the right place, leveraging the strengths of their team, and giving team members an opportunity to excel

Areas of focus

  • Coaching
  • Leading Meetings
  • Communicating
  • Managing Change
  • Delegating
  • Managing Performance
  • Goal Setting
  • Interviewing
  • Motivating and Engaging Team Members
  • Leadership Styles

Madison is an essential part of our management training process. The group and individual sessions have strengthened our culture and helped us professionalize without losing the elements that make us great. They’ve helped establish the structure to execute on our values. This has a material impact on the performance of our business.

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Creating, Inspiring & Sustaining

As your learning and development partner, Madison takes a hands-on approach to ensure all aspects of our workshops are highly targeted and customized to reflect your company’s language and values, creating a learning environment that resonates with participants.
We do this by:


Initial research


A well-designed proposal that outlines objectives and outcomes


Interviews with senior leaders and/or stakeholders


Interviews with prospective workshop participants


A collaborative approach to designing case studies and role plays